Monroe High School – Quarter 1/2 Update

November 12, 2020

We are almost done with quarter 1. Here are a few reminders/updates for you as we enter into quarter 2.

  1. Classes/Schedule

– Your quarter 2 class schedules will not vary tremendously. Please refer to your mailed home schedule from the beginning of the school year or email Mr. Sisneros or Mrs. DeVicq for another copy. An alternate way is check your Edgenuity home page at 8:30am the morning of November

– Your quarter 2 classes will have class meetings at the beginning of the scheduled times to establish expectations and outcomes for the course. It is very important that you are attending these meeting times. The first one will be 9:00a on Monday, November 16th.

– You may request a schedule change by emailing Mrs. DeVicq by 8:00pm on Thursday November 12th.


* You may see a higher level of face-to-face time and mandatory check-ins with quarter 2 classes.


  1. Grades:

– If you finished your course, the grade given will be finalized and put on your transcript. Standard A,B,C,& D grades will be marked as earned. You may also see an “Incomplete”. This is for students that need a little extra time to complete a course.

– Pinnacle is where your transcripted grades and weekly progress grades are kept. Although we use Edgenuity gradebook for daily work, we ultimately have to put grades into Pinnacle for our records. This is where you can see weekly progress and final grades.


* If you need help accessing pinnacle, please contact the high school office for assistance (541-847-5161).


  1. Incompletes:

There are two types of incompletes a student may see:

– “Short Term Incomplete”: If you have not finished a course, or your grade is not where it should be, but feel you could do so by Sunday November 15th, you may qualify for a short term incomplete. This needs to be communicated to and discussed, with your course teacher.

– “Long Term Incomplete”: This is for a student that may have multiple incompletes or one or more courses that are very behind pace. This will take much more planning and possible schedule changing. If you are in this situation, you will be contacted with a completion plan within the first few days of quarter 2.


  1. Credits

– All credits are important and we want to make sure you get all that you need. We will make a personalized plan for every student that may need some extra assistance.


Like always, we hope to hear from you. Any input is appreciated and we look forward to having a conversation with you to discuss any topic related to High School. Also, it is not too late to schedule a parent teacher conference with us November 12th or 13th. Please call us at the high school office to schedule a meeting in-person or virtually.


Please feel free to contact me at any time.

Thank you,


Beau Sisneros – Principal