Monroe High School Update (02/15/22)

February 15, 2022

Dear students, parents, and staff,

Semester 2 is off to a fast start. Spring time is just around the corner and this is typically a very busy time of year. Here
are a few updates as we progress.

Online Gradebook

Wazzle, formerly known as Pinnacle, is the online gradebook that the high school uses for grading and classroom attendance. It has many functions other than these two uses. We highly encourage all students and parents access this
system, regularly, to stay informed of student progress. Grades are updated weekly by teachers. Wazzle allows
automatic, weekly emails to ensure you have up to date information. If you need help accessing this system or need
assistance setting up automatic grade and/or attendance updates, please call the high school office. We’re happy to
help in this process.

To establish weekly updates:

  • Login to Wazzle gradebook
  • Click on the tab on the left side of the screen that says notifications.
  • Now, you may choose the day and frequency of the notifications to your email.
  • Lastly, you must hit save, at the bottom of the page, to keep your selections.


There will be a zoom meeting for parents, of senior students, this Thursday the 17th at 7:00pm. This meeting has been
changed due to a conflict with sports. Please joining by using the zoom link provided.

Also, information for senior orders, for graduation, has been sent out and given to senior students. Please make sure
you order your gowns, hats, tassels, announcements, etc. as soon as possible. Rates continue to increase. Online
ordering is available.


Winter sports are nearing an end. Basketball and wrestling have finished their regular season and are beginning playoffs.
We wish them luck!

Please make sure you register with the high school office if you have a child participating in Spring sports (Baseball,
Softball, Track & Field). Spring sport practices begin February 28th.


Thank you and please reach out to the high school office for further information.

Beau Sisneros – Principal