Monroe High School Update (01/25/23)

January 25, 2023

Dear students, parents, and staff,

We are almost halfway through the school year. Please review the following information and reach out to the high school office with any questions.

Student Success

Success is defined by each student and family, but graduation is the overall goal for every Monroe High School student. At the midpoint in the school year, staff and students have developed a rhythm in their daily routines. A few metrics to gauge you or your child’s overall success in classes:

  1. Attendance Matters: All absences compete with a student’s time and ability to stay current with classwork. Our goal is for students to miss 10 days or less, throughout the school year. There is a very strong correlation between excess absences and lower performance in classes.
  2. Advisory Period: Students have an advisor and access to staff at the end of every school We highly encourage students to use this time wisely. If a student is struggling, this is a high leverage time for students to use for their advantage.
  3. Persistent Effort: Each day is a chance to improve. Obstacles are going to come up throughout the course of a school year, but making the commitment to small improvements each day will have large outcomes at the end of a semester.

End of Semester 1

The last day of the semester is January 26th. This is when grades are finalized and put on each student’s transcript. Monroe staff will review student transcripts with each student. If you would like to discuss grades, credits, diploma tracks, or simply view a student transcript, please call the high school office and we are happy to help with this process.

Senior Project/Early Release

Second semester is an important time in a senior student’s academic career. Though processes have varied over the years, the senior project is something we feel is useful for students to engage in pursuing their post high school goals. Many students will begin shadowing mentors and spending time with on-the-job training. Senior students may have the ability to checkout early to fulfill this requirement and hopefully gain further knowledge on their future educations and/or career choices.

Smarter Balanced Testing

As an early reminder, the Smarter Balanced testing window will open in the next few months. There are different perspectives on this assessment, however they are low/no risk tests that help us gauge where we are as an educational institute. SBAC testing is the most efficient, and common, way students meet their essential skills. The high school values these scores and they can only help the student(s). If you have any questions, we are happy to help illustrate how this test can help us and each student.

Important Dates:

January 26th:  End of Semester 1

January 27th: No School; Grading Day

February 20th: No School; President’s Day


Thank you and please reach out with any questions.

Beau Sisneros – Principal