Monroe Relief Nursery

September 10, 2019

Bring Relief to a Community

It takes a village to raise a child. For many of our families, the Relief Nursery becomes that village. It’s a place that offers safety, nurturing, mentoring, and unconditional support and caring. We are a lifeline and a safe haven, giving parents the tools they need to raise healthy, happy kids.

In fall 2019, we plan to open a satellite Relief Nursery in Monroe, Oregon to extend our services where they’re needed most. But we can’t do it without your help.

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Benton County Statistics:

  • 2,360 reports of child abuse in 2018
  • 155 juvenile arrests in 2017
  • 37.7% children qualify for free and reduced lunch program: 57.1% at Monroe Elementary, 51.5% at Monroe High School
  • 381 students were homeless – 11 in Monroe (6%)
  • 50 children in Monroe depend on the Women, Infants and Children program for support
  • Old Mill Center is currently serving 21 children in Monroe through our home visiting outreach program
  • There is no preschool in Monroe and no transportation to other nearby programs


  • Addition of classroom to provide preschool education in a therapeutic setting for children identified as being at high risk for child abuse and neglect
  • Complement existing Relief Nursery outreach, parenting education and home visiting program currently serving 21 children (14 families) in Monroe
  • Provide access for 11 children ages 3-5 years currently unable to attend preschool due to lack of funds and/or transportation
  • Provide therapeutic childcare for children ages 0–6 during parenting group time and for respite opportunities
  • Addition of 2nd program in year two to provide therapeutic classroom time to 8 children ages 2–3 years


  • 100% of children served stayed safe and in their own home
  • 98% of children were screened for social, emotional and cognitive development
  • Improved parenting skills
  • Improved immunization
  • Enhanced early literacy and increased school readiness