School in the Fall

We would like to share with families and the public, Monroe School District expects to fully reopen schools to full-day, five-day, in-person learning this fall. We maintain those expectations today in light of the Oregon Department of Education announcement of the Resiliency Framework for the 2021-2022 school year.

There are always many details to opening school in the fall, and this year those details will include things like COVID-19 safety measures. We of course will continue to partner with public health officials and plan to keep families updated as we finalize those details over the summer.

For further information, please follow this link.

Staff Directory

District Office

NAME (last, first) POSITION
Crowson, Bill Superintendent
Johnson, Tim Technology
Irwin, Hilary Business Manager
Manley, Christine Executive Secretary, School Board Secretary, Personnel
Casarez, Tonya Administrative Assistant, Accounts Payable
Wasak, Peter Maintenance

Grade School

NAME (last, first) POSITION
Administrative Office
Holvey, Kathi Principal
Smith, Kathy Secretary
Booth, Jacoba Grades 4/5
Boyer, Scott Middle School Science & Math
Brown, Kiana Physical Ed / Health
Floyd, Dixie Grades 2/3
Ford, Lori Grades 3/4
Fuhrmann, Rosie Middle School Language Arts & Social Studies
Fielder, Richard Physical Ed / Health
Geil, Kim Title I
Greydanus, Kelsey Special Education
Greydanus, Caleb Middle School Math
Kolar, Susan Kindergarten
LaCroix, Karyn Middle School Spanish
Martinson, Marie-Louise Middle School Science & Social Studies / ELL Coordinator
Miller, Brian Middle School Language Arts & Social Studies
Otto, Catherine Grade 1
Rank, Jenna Grades 4/5 / Language
Trotter, Katy Special Education / Speech
Unrein, Wendy Grade 2

High School

NAME (last, first) POSITION
Administrative Office
Sisneros, Beau Principal
Hicks, Kerri Secretary
Lynn, Angie Secretary
DeVicq, Lexi School Counselor
Durbin, Valerie Economics, Computer Applications, Desktop Publishing, Graphic Design, Web Design, Government, Health 9, Global Studies, Freshman Academy
Elliott, Ken, English 1, English 2, American Literature, Writing 115, Writing 121, Writing Lab, Drama
Esplin, Lindi Special Ed
Fielder, Richard PE 9, Health 10/PE 10 (2), Health 11, Weights (2), Junior Advisory
LaCroix, Karyn Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Spanish 3
Martinez, Armando Algebra I
Mulanax, James Woodworking 1-4 (2), Welding 1-4 (2), Fundamentals of Engineering, Small Engine Repair, Principles of Technology 1&2
Palmer, Mary Biology, Anatomy, Physical Science, Field Biology, STEM
Sisneros, Beau SWR, HERO TA, Weights
Thornburg, Amy Geometry (2), Algebra 2 (2), College Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Calculus
Wolfe, Dan English 1, Global Studies, AVID, Weights, U.S. History, PE 9, Psychology