D – Fiscal Management

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Policy Title Code
Fiscal Management Goals DA/DDA
Budget System, Calendar and Fiscal Year DBA/DBB/DBC
Budget Committee DBEA
Budget Adoption Procedures DBH/DBI
Budget Transfer Authority DBK
Budget Transfer Authority Regulation DBK-AR
Funding Proposals and Applications DD
Revenues from State and Federal Sources DE/DEB/DEC
Investment of Funds DFA
Grants Receipts DFC
Revenues from Non-Tax Sources, Gate Receipts, and Admissions DFE
Authorized Signatures DGA
Bonded Employees and Officers DH
Fiscal Accounting and Reporting DI
Financial Reports and Statements DIC
Property Inventories DID
Fixed Assets DID-AR
Audits DIE
District Purchasing DJ
Purchasing Authority DJA
Purchasing Procedures DJA-AR
Petty Cash Accounts DJB
Bidding Requirements DJC
Special Procurement & Exemptions from Competitive Bidding DJC-AR
Procurement Plan: Child Nutrition Programs DJC-AR-2
Personal Services Contracts DJCA
Personal Services Contract Regulations DJCA-AR
Credit Cards DJFA
Authorization for Payroll Deduction DJFA-Form
Vendor Relations DJG
Payment Procedures DK
Monthly Bills Review DK-Form-1
Sequential Check List Review DK-Form-2
Monthly Payroll Review Documentation DK-Form-3
Adjusting Journal Entries Review DK-Form-4
Expense Reimbursements DLC
Tuition Reimbursement for Probationary & Licensed Faculty DLC-AR
Letter of Intent to Request Tuition Reimbursement DLC-Form-1
Final Approval to Request Tuition Reimbursement DLC-Form-2
Board approval of Tuition Reimbursement, Undergrad/Community College DLC-Form-3
Cash in the School Building DM
Disposal of School Property DN
Disposal of School Property with Sentimental Value DN-AR