J – Students

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Policy Title Code
Student Policies, Goals and Objectives JAA
Equal Education Opportunities JB
Sexual Harassment (combined staff & student) JBA/GBN
Procedures in the Event of a Sexual Harassment Complaint JBA/GBN-AR
Sexual Harassment Complaint Form JBA/GBN-Form
Section 504 Students JBAA
Section 504 Student Procedures JBAA-AR
Section 504 Screening & Referral Form JBAA-Form 504-01
Section 504 Notice of Conference / Parent Response JBAA-Form 504-02
Section 504 Accommodation Plan JBAA-Form 504-03
Section 504 Three Year Eligibility Review JBAA-Form 504-04
School Attendance Areas JC
Student Attendance JE
Compulsory Attendance JEA
Compulsory Attendance Notices and Citations JEA-AR
Attendance Supervisor’s Non-Enrollment Notice JEA-Form-1
Attendance Supervisor’s Irregular Attendance Notice JEA-Form-2
Superintendent’s Notice of Compulsory Attendance Noncompliance JEA-Form-3
Early Entry of Students JEBA
School Admissions JEC
Admission of Resident Students JECA
Admission of Nonresident Students JECB
Admission of Nonresident Students Regulations JECB-AR
Request for Nonresident Student Admission JECB-Form
Admission of Exchange Students JECBA
Homeless Students JECBD
Homeless Students Regulations JECBD-AR
Assignment of Students to Schools/Classes JECD
Transcript Evaluation JECDA
Transcript Evaluation Procedures JECDA-AR
Student Withdrawal from School JECE
Interdistrict Transfer of Resident Students JECF
Interdistrict Transfer of Resident Students, Procedures JECF-AR
Request for Interdistrict Student Transfer JECF-Form
Student Absences and Excuses JED
Truancy JEDA
Student Dismissal/Attendance Accounting JEDB
Release Time for Students JEF
Open/Closed Campus JEFA
Student Rights and Responsibilities JF/JFA
Student Government and Involvement JFB
Student Conduct JFC
Student Dress and Grooming JFCA
Student Conduct on School Buses JFCB
Care of School Property JFCC
Secret Societies JFCE
Hazing / Harassment / Intimidation / Bullying / Menacing / Cyberbullying / Teen Dating Violence / Domestic Violence – Student JFCF
Hazing / Harassment / Intimidation / Bullying / Menacing / Cyberbullying / Teen Dating Violence Reporting Procedures – Students JFCF-AR
Hazing / Harassment / Intimidation / Bullying / Menacing / Cyberbullying / Teen Dating Violence Complaint Procedures JFCF/GBNA-AR
Cyberbullying – Students JFCFA
Tobacco Free Environment JFCG-1
Use of Alcohol or Other Drug Abuse JFCG-2
Weapons in the Schools JFCJ
Threat of Violence JFCM
Students of Legal Age/Pregnant & Parenting Students/Married Students JFD/E/F
Individualized Plan for Pregnant and/or Parenting Teens JFE-Form
Student Searches JFG
Student Searches, Procedures JFG-AR
Student Search Form JFG-Form
Student Demonstrations and Petitions JFI
Student Discipline JG
Student Discipline and Conduct, Grades K-2 JG-AR-1
Student Discipline and Conduct, Grades 3-8 JG-AR-2
Student Discipline and Conduct, Grades 9-12 JG-AR-3
Corporal Punishment JGA
Use of Restraint and Seclusion JGAB
Use of Restraint and Seclusion Guidelines JGAB-AR
Physical Restraint Incident Reporting Form JGAB-Form-1
Seclusion Incident Reporting Form JGAB-Form-2
Student Monitoring Record JGAB-Form-3
Debriefing Notes: Physical Restraint/Seclusion Incident JGAB-Form-4
Detention of Students JGB
Suspension JGD
Discipline of Disabled Students JGDA/JGEA
Special Education – Discipline JGDA/JGEA-AR
Expulsion JGE
Alternative Educational Programs Available Following an Expulsion JGEA
Student Welfare JH
Student Insurance JHA
Physical Examinations JHCA
School Sports Exam JHCA Form-1
Release Form JHCA Form-2
Immunization of Students JHCB
Communicable/Infectious Diseases JHCC
Communicable/Infectious Diseases, Guidelines JHCC/GBEA-AR
Pediculosis (Head Lice) JHCCF
Pediculosis (Head Lice) Administrative Regulations JHCCF-AR
Medications JHCD
Medications (procedure) JHCD-AR
Medication Permission & Administration JHCD-Form
Psychological Testing of Students JHDA
Student Safety JHF
Supervision of Students JHFA
Student Safety Patrol / Use of Bicycles / Cars JHFB/C/D
Off-Campus Teacher Aide Permit JHFB-Form-1
Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse JHFE
Regulations for Reporting of Suspected Abuse of a Child JHFE-AR
Suspected Abuse of a Child Reporting Requirements JHFE/GBNAB
Regulations for Reporting Suspected Abuse of a Child JHFE/GBNAB-AR
Abuse of a Child Investigations Conducted on School Premises JHFE/GBNAB-Form-1
Reporting Requirements Regarding Sexual Conduct with Students JHFF/GBNAA
Regulations for Reporting of Suspected Abuse of a Child JHFF/GBNAA-AR
Suspected Sexual Conduct Report Form JHFF/GBNAA-Form-1
Witness Disclosure Form JHFF/GBNAA-Form-2
Student Suicide Prevention JHH
Student Awards & Scholarships JI
Student Gifts and Solicitations JL
Staff-Student Relations JM
Student Fees, Fines and Charges JN
Education Records JO
Education Records Management JO/IGBAB-AR
Directory Information JOA
Personally Identifiable Information JOB