E – Support Services

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Policy Title Code
Support Services Goals EA
Safety Program EB
Safety Committees EBAC
Safety Inspection Checklists EBAC-Forms 1-7
Integrated Pest Management EBB
Integrated Pest Management Plan (IPM) EBB-AR
First Aid EBBA
Injury/Illness Reports EBBB
Emergency Procedures and Disaster Plans EBC/EBCA
Emergency Drills and Instruction EBCB
State of Emergency Resolution EBCB-AR-1
Emergency Procedures EBCB-AR-2
Emergency Action Chart, Classroom Copy EBCB-AR-3
Emergency Action Chart, Administrative Copy EBCB-AR-4
Emergency Closures EBCD
Vandalism/Malicious Mischief/Theft ECAB
Video Surveillance ECAC
Video Surveillance Procedures ECAC-AR
District vehicle Idling ECG
District Vehicle Idling Procedures ECG-AR
Student Transportation Services EEA
Discipline Procedures for District-Approved Student Transportation EEA-AR
Student Transportation Code of Conduct EEA-Form-1
Appeal Procedure EEA-Form-2
School Bus Incident Report EEA-Form-3
Pupil Safety Instruction EEA-Form-4
School Bus Scheduling and Routing EEAB
School Bus Safety Program EEAC
School Bus Driver Examination & Training EEACA
Student Conduct on School Buses EEACC
Use of School Activity Vehicles for Student Transportation EEACD
District Vehicles/Seat Belts/Child Safety System EEBAA
Local Wellness Policy EFA
Wellness Program EFA-AR
District Nutrition and Food Services EFAA
Reimbursable School Meals EFAA-AR
Electronic Data Management EH
Electronic Data Management Regulation EH-AR
Health Insurance Portability & Accounting Act (HIPPA) EHA